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Caroline Kamya – The Silence in between – What Else Is Missing? A visual investigation into whitewashing and historical amnesia Taking “The Moor” from Othello as the starting point of my interest as an African teenager and as part of my further exploration into historical amnesia I have compiled a photo-montage of selected images I have researched over six months. The purpose is to continue to provoke thoughts in the observer and myself into “his story” and the dialogue that results in viewing images with a different lens.I am using images and not text to express my purpose as an investigation into the subject. My understanding is that the more one digs under the surface of what was taught in the limited and agenda driven school system of my past the more I have unearthed a new point of view that I find exciting and reinvigorating. I am ever more curious as to what has been whitewashed, omitted and buried below the surface. The photomontage has no reference of website or bibliography and this is intentional. here…Contrary to the expected form of reference for academia, I have left this open in a similar form as the video montage that I submitted in advance. It is not about where the information was found and by whom but what the images and in some instances the text attached provokes. All the images are not included the video montage. Some images are stand-alone and some juxtaposed intentionally moving back and fourth through time. Historical amnesia and the lack of historical empathy go hand in hand. By placing images of different eras side by side my aim is to recognize this. I invite the observer to be triggered into an emotional state by these images and my question remains, “The Silence in-between / What else is missing?” These images among others open up my discussion.



The Silence in between – What else is missing: A visual investigation into whitewashing and historical amnesia using found footage online and curated excepts from her own catalogue of work.


International Workshop 2016 Transparency/ Opacity 2016

The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) at the University of Amsterdam, the annual, international ASCA Workshop brings together scholars, artists and students from around the world to discuss an urgent and common theme.

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